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Perfume Spritz - 1 oz.

Perfume Spritz - 1 oz.

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Honey Almond

Quick and easy way to add a layer of your favorite scent. Spritz on wrists, neck, behind knees...pretty much all over. Avoid rubbing or dabbing as this can break down the fragrance.




Butt Naked

Butt Naked has sweet & fruity notes of watermelon and cherry; along with a blend of melons & apples.

Coco Mango

Coco Mango is a complex fragrance with fruity notes of mango, elderberries, & papaya, with rich vanilla and toasted coconut.

Cocoa Cashmere

Cocoa Cashmere includes rich cocoa butter with notes of cedarwood, jasmine, and creamy vanilla.


Goddess is a juicy, delicious scent made of mouth-watering, fruity notes like raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon combined with floral notes of exotic jasmine and sweet violet.

Peach Vanilla

Peach Vanilla features a delicious blend of fresh peaches and creamy vanilla.

Sweet Comfort

Sweet Comfort includes coconut, bergamot, White lilies, golden amber, and Tonka beans.

Sweet Melon

Sweet Melon is a sweet ripe cantaloupe, straight from the field.

Sweet Peach

Sweet Peach is a juicy and ripe peach fragrance.

Champagne Kisses

Champagne Kisses features notes of bubbly champagne, sparkling berries, with a hint of juicy tangerine.


Exclusive has a luxe blend of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, and ambergris.

Sea Salt & Orchid

Sea Salt & Orchid has an aromatic blend of delicate floral notes with hints of the sweet and salty.


A soft and sensually feminine floral that blends peonies, bergamot, and delicate hints of mossy cedarwood.




Graceful has fresh florals and soft white musk. Clean, soft, and fresh.


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